Wilder vs Stiverne: Prediction


For the first time in a long time the heavyweight division has the boxing world on the edge of their seats. Deontay Wilder has the chance to become the first American heavyweight champion since Shannon Briggs won a portion of the title in 2006. The man standing in his way is no pushover though. Bermane Stiverne poses the stiffest challenge of Deontay Wilder’s career; and possibly the first.The WBC heavyweight champion is a tough and cagey fighter who has long been under appreciated. He made short work of Cris Arreola en route to winning the then vacant WBC title.

Both men have made their intentions very clear for tonight. Both expect to end the others night early. But who wins?

Stiverne will be a huge test for the power punching American. Stiverne has solid boxing ability and sneaky power. He can go the distance against top level opposition and as he proved against Cris Arreola he does not succumb to wild aggression. Wilder’s biggest enemy tonight will be his lack of experience. In 32 professional fights, he has done very little that will prepare him for the test awaiting him inside the MGM Grand tonight. He clearly has the advantage in punching power and athletic ability, but what will he do the first time he is hurt in a professional fight?

This is a true pick em fight and could go either way. I think Wilder will survive a few shaky moments early and stop the rugged champion in the middle rounds.

Wilder has super stardom awaiting him tomorrow night… but it will be up to him to seize the opportunity and avoid being forever labeled as an over hyped fighter with a great manager and a big punch.

Daniel Geale Drops, Decisions Jarrod Fletcher

Sydney, NSW – Daniel Geale picked up the 30th win of his pro career tonight; dropping and dominating Jarrod Fletcher en route to a wide unanimous decision victory. All three judges scored the bout 119-108 in favor of Geale.

Tonight’s fight was a very unique one. Two Australian fighters coming off losses in NYC for different versions of the WBA middleweight title. Both men were looking to revamp their careers and move on to bigger and better fights. Only one did.

Daniel Geale looked extremely sharp tonight, showing little if any, signs of wear following his loss to Gennady Golovkin earlier this year.

Round one began with a jolt. Geale came right out of the gate throwing combinations and looking to press the action. This played right into the power punching Fletcher’s hands however. Fletcher came on in the middle part of round one and proceeded to clearly outscore Geale in the first two rounds.

Geale began to find his rhythm in the third round. He started to control the distance and the pace and nullify Fletcher’s offense. Round four was more of the same leaving the fight even.

Round five saw Geale put it into another gear. Early in the round Geale countered a sloppy Fletcher jab with a right cross over the top and floored him hard. Although Fletcher managed to beat the count and finish the round, he never seemed to fully recover.

Geale continued to dominate the middle part of the fight punctuating the seventh round with a hard right uppercut that staggered the oft hurt Fletcher. Round eight was another clear Geale round, controlled by his jab and head movement.

In round nine Geale landed a crisp combination upstairs that staggered Fletcher into the corner. Geale unleashed a flurry of punches and seemed only moments away from scoring a stoppage victory, only to take his foot off the gas and coast for the rest of the round.

That was the story for the remainder of the fight. Geale would land a nice combination and hurt Fletcher only to let him off the hook.

Fletcher appeared ready to go in the eleventh round only to be saved by a 2 minute round caused by a time keeper blunder.

Round twelve was all Geale as he tried desperately to close the show.

Although, he was not able to score the knockout; Geale looking very impressive in victory tonight. With this win he has put himself right back into the title hunt in the middleweight division.

After the fight he called out the likes of Miguel Cotto and Jermain Taylor. Whether or not he can land those names remains to be seen. However, after tonight’s performance there is no doubt that he belongs at the top of the middleweight division.

Hopkins vs Kovalev: Prediction

It has been a long time since a fight took place that motivated me to write an article. That all changes today.

In one of the most compelling match-ups of the past few years, the near 50 year old Bernard Hopkins will be testing his luck one more time against the young hard punching Sergey Kovalev. For those of you who are interested in alphabet titles, this bout will be a unification of IBF, WBO, and WBA light heavyweight titles. Although, far more important than that, it will be Hopkins try to once again make history.

Should Hopkins win tonight it would be one of the most impressive feats in boxing history. The oldest man to win, defend, and unify a world title; breaking all of his own records. However, Kovalev will not be looking to be part of history tonight. He will be looking to blow out and over the hill champion and continue on the bigger and better things going forward, but will he?

For me, age has no factor in this fight. Bernard Hopkins is as good as he has ever been. He is in tremendous shape, his reflexes are good, and he still has the desire to win and prove people wrong. Kovalev is certainly a talented fighter and hits very hard; but he has not been in with anybody near the caliber of Hopkins. Kovalev’s style is also tailor made for the savvy veteran. Hopkins has made his name on confusing and embarrassing power punchers with limited footwork.

Look for there to be a few shaky moments in the early going. Hopkins may even go down in the first couple of rounds. However, look for him to take over the fight in round three or four and begin to dictate the pace and frustrate the young man. Look for Hopkins once again to stun everybody by having better stamina than the man who is nearly half his age.

Hopkins by clear unanimous decision.

Alvarez vs Lara: Round by Round Breakdown



Round 1 – All Lara. He dominated round one with his sharp 1,2s and his foot work. Lara gave Canelo angles the whole round and kept Canelo from even being able to get off.

Round 2 – Lara by a wide margin. Canelo landed 1 effective punch the entire round which was a right hand to the body. The straight right that Canelo got the crowd going with was blocked. Lara snapped Canelo’s head back numerous times with hard 1,2s. Once again Canelo did nothing but follow Lara around the ring and whiff punches.

Round 3 – Lara by a huge margin. At no point could any intelligent judge even contemplate giving this round to Canelo. Lara controlled the pace of the round and dominated with his jab and footwork. Canelo threw nothing of note and to my counting landed 1 punch at best. Lara punctuated the round with a hard straight left in the final 20 seconds.

Round 4 – Canelo. This was one of the closer rounds of the fight. Lara simply did not let his hands go enough to win the round. Although he landed the most effective punches of the round. Canelo finally started to cut the ring off instead of just following Lara. Canelo landed some nice body shots, although he still caught mostly air.

Round 5 – Lara. Not a close round. Canelo landed a handfull of body shots, but that was it. Lara opened the round very strong and staggered Canelo with a number of straight left hands. Lara also stopped Canelo in his tracks with a hard right hook. Once again Canelo swinging and missing for the vast majority of the round.

Round 6 – Lara. Canelo did next to nothing the entire round barr a couple of blocked body shots in the final 10 seconds. Lara landed a number of hard jabs and won the round the the hard straight left that he landed in the final minute of the round. Once again Canelo fought Lara’s fight the whole round. A slow pace.

Round 7 – Canelo. It was for the most part a very evenly contested round. Lara won the first minute of the round, but then faded in the final half following the cut. Canelo did some really good things in the final 30 seconds and punctuated the round. Clear Canelo round.

Round 8 – Canelo. The round was very close in the first half. Neither man did anything to seperate himself in the first 90 seconds. Canelo came on strong in the second half and took the round with some hard body shots.

Round 9 – Lara. This was one of the swing rounds of the fight. Lara landed the harder and cleaner shots. While Canelo muscled Lara more and landed some nice body shots. Lara won the round for me on a hard right hook which caught Canelo flush as well as a couple of hard power jabs that snapped Canelo’s head back.

Round 10 – Lara clearly. Lara landed the effective punches in round 10. Canelo threw a lot of flashy punches but they did not land. Lara landed a hard and fast 3 punch combo in the first 30 seconds of the round as well as about 6 really good hard jabs. Lara punctuated the round with a nice 1,2 in the final minute.

Round 11 – Clear Lara round. Lara landed the straight left over and over in this round. In the first 30 seconds Lara landed a straight left that almost caused Canelo’s glove to touch the canvas. Canelo did land one nice right hand to Lara’s head. Although, the ring generalship and hard 1,2s won Lara round 11 easily.

Round 12 – Lara. Canelo scored points with agression in the final round. Although, all of the hard effective punches were landed by Lara. This is one of the swing rounds of the fight

In conclusion, I have Lara 9 – 3. The fight had a few swing rounds, rounds 4, 9 and 12 were all swing rounds. Of the swing rounds I saw two for Lara and one for Canelo. Even if I were to give Canelo all of the swing rounds he still would have lost 7 – 5. There is no doubt in my mind that Lara won this fight. He controlled the pace and distance the fight was fought at for the entire night. Canelo landed somewhat effective to the body. Although, he only managed to land 9 jabs in a 12 round fight and gave up throwing head shots after round 3. For those who had Canelo winning, I can only ask how and why?

Guillermo Rigondeaux Destroys Sod Kokietgym


Macau, China – In took under two minutes for Guillermo Rigondeaux to dispatch of Sod Kokietgym. About one minute into the fight Rigondeaux and Kokietgym accidentally clashed heads. When Kokietgym rose he seemed to be a bit shaken up, he and Rigondeaux quickly touched gloves. Unfortunately for Kokietgym, Rigondeaux put a 1-2 combination right after the glove touch and ended Kokietgym’s night. The punch was legal. Although it was not necessarily fair. 

Rigondeaux is now a free agent. He will be looking to land a new promoter. Hopefully this time one who will do their best to actually promote him. He will likely end up with Goldenboy who have a lot of fighters around 122-128 pounds. No matter where he ends up, the line of guys waiting to fight him will be short.

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Sod Looknongyantoy: Prediction



Macau, China – Tonight one of the most talented boxers on the planet will be in action, although not on the stage he deserves. Super bantamweight king Guillermo Rigondeaux (13-0 8 KOs) will take on Sod Looknongyantoy (63-2-1 27 KOs) on the co-feature of the Zou Shiming “fight”. Luckily for Rigondeaux and fans alike this is Rigo’s last fight under horrendous promoter Bob Arum. Unluckily for Rigo, Arum has made sure to bury this fight as much as possible. He has stuck in on a terrible card from China and will not be airing the fight on the HBO telecast. So fans looking to watch this fight will either have to catch it on tape delay on Unimas or find an internet stream.

Don’t let Looknongyantoy’s record fool you. By no means does he deserve this type of fight and that will be evident when they get into the ring. Look for Rigo to start off boxing and to pick apart the terrible defense of Looknongyantoy. After a few rounds Rigo will realize the level of opponent he is in the ring with and will step on the gas. Rigo by stoppage in the middle rounds.

Bob Arum has done his best to ruin the career of one of the finest talents in boxing ever since Rigo’s destruction of Arum’s prized Filipino Nonito Donaire. It is baffling that a “promoter” who is considered by many to be a future hall-of-famer  could be so incompetent. However, when you really look at Arum’s body of work moves like this should be no surprise. This is the man who could not (or would not) find a way to promote Floyd Mayweather jr. Arum has proven unable to promote any fighter without a built in ethnic fan base. He has also shown no desire to properly promote any pure boxers throughout his career. Once again Arum’s ignorance, incompetence and down right racism have cost him one of the most talented fighters in the sport. It could not happen to a more deserving person.



Canelo Receives an Early Birthday Gift



Las Vegas, Nevada – Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will indeed be having a happy birthday. After being thoroughly outboxed for 12 rounds by Cuban standout Erislandy Lara, Canelo was awarded a ludicrous split decision victory. Brain dead judge Levi Martinez somehow scored the bout 117-111 in Canelo’s favor. Martinez must have been paid more tonight than the other judges to have come up with that garbage.

Lara clearly outboxed Canelo in the early rounds of the fight. Consistently making Canelo miss wildly. Canelo to his credit rallied back in the middle half of the fight and landed some good shots to the body as well as a nice uppercut that opened a cut above Lara’s right eye.

However, Lara came back on strong in the late rounds of the fight only to be robbed on the scorecards.

All the talk during the buildup to this fight was around Canelo’s courage for taking on such big risks. Clearly he was never in any risk. This decision was bought and paid for long before tonight. Boxing fans deserve better than this. Lara deserved better than this.