Interview: Daniel Geale Still Hunting The Big Names

Last week I spent over an hour on the phone with former unified WBA and IBF middleweight champion Daniel “The Real Deal” Geale 31-3 (16 KOs). We spent the time discussing possible future opponents and his thoughts on being part of Roc Nation.

Obviously the deal with Roc Nation has now fallen through and he will instead remain with promoter Gary Shaw for the time being. I took my time with writing up our conversation in the hopes that his next opponent would be announced. Although, following the announcement that Andy Lee will face Peter Quillin on April 11th, it appears Geale could be waiting much longer before his next fight is signed.

Below is our conversation:

Matt – Are you back in the gym now following the holidays?

Geale – Yes. I have been back in since just following New Years. It’s great to be back training, although it was nice to have the holidays off for a change.

Matt – How do you feel about the switch over to Roc Nation?

Geale – I’m happy to be with them. The guys are really professional and it will be great to have a real push behind me in the United States.

Matt – Did you know about the deal before it went through?

Geale – No. I only heard about it after the deal was done.

Matt – Do you know who your next opponent will be?

Geale – Not yet. I am still talking to the guys and trying to see what is out there. Hopefully it will be against one of the champions. I just want to get the biggest fight possible. Any of the big name guys.

Matt – Have you been trying to lock down a shot at the WBO champion Andy Lee?

Geale – It is definitely as fight that we have spoken about. I would love that fight.

Matt – Would you go to Ireland to face him? He has mentioned that he would love to a fight over there.

Geale – I would be open to going there. As long as my team approved of everything. I would have no problem going back to Europe for a fight. I went over to Germany twice and won both times. I have no problem fighting on the road.

Matt – There has been a lot of talk that Andy Lee will be facing Peter Quillin on NBC. If that fight doesn’t come off who else would you want to fight?

Geale – Any of the big names really. I would love to fight Miguel Cotto if he were available. Anybody out there.

Matt- With the situation with Jermain Taylor and the IBF title, have you thought about angling for a shot at the vacant belt?

Geale – It’s not something that we have talked about much. Although, I would love to go for that title if the opportunity came up.

Matt – How about Sergio Martinez? Have you heard anything from him?

Geale – No. We haven’t heard anything about him.

Matt – Would you go to Argentina to fight him if the opportunity arose?

Geale – Definitely. I would definitely go over there if that was the best opportunity.

Matt – Would you prefer to have your next fight take place in Australia or America?

Geale – I would prefer to fight in America next. It is very difficult to make money fighting in Australia. Also, I want to win in America.

Matt – If you are not able to land a fight in America this time around, would you consider fighting somebody like Sam Soliman over here?

Geale – He is somebody that we have talked about. If that was the best fight available then we would do that fight.

Matt – You have fought Anthony Mundine twice, with a win a piece. If the opportunity came up would you want to do another fight with him?

Geale – It isn’t a fight that we have discussed. Although, if that was the highest paying fight that was offered we would definitely consider it.

Matt – Andre Ward just recently signed with your new promoter Roc Nation. Has your name been mentioned for his ring return?

Geale – I’m not too sure. I haven’t really heard anything.

Matt – Would you take that fight if it were offered?

Geale – I am not really looking to move up in weight, but if the fight was offered it would be really hard to turn down.

Matt – Your stable mate Bryant Jennings will be fighting Wladimir Klitscko in New York at Madison Square Garden on April 25th. You seem like a perfect fit to be on the under-card. Has that been mentioned to you?

Geale – That hasn’t been mentioned to us. But, I would love to be on that card.

Matt – Would you want to rematch Golovkin?

Geale – Yes. That is a rematch I would take. I feel like I could have done a lot more in that fight. I would do that fight anytime.

Matt – What do you think you could do differently in a rematch?

Geale – I feel I made a mistake of starting too fast. I got a little bit over anxious. I should have made sure to stay off the ropes. I would I have liked to have gotten him into the later rounds and let my experience come in to play.

Matt – When is the earliest you could be back in the ring at this point?

Geale – Anytime from April. I’m already in the gym. Just keeping fight and waiting for the right fight.

Matt – Thanks for chatting with me. I look forward to seeing you in the ring soon.

Geale – Thanks Matt. Anytime.

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