Rios vs Alvarado III: Prediction

Tonight, live from Broomfield Colorado, the latest in boxing’s long line of trilogies takes place. As is normally the case in the rubber match, neither man is even close to at his best. The fight will take place at the welterweight limit of 147 lbs. Well above where either man has had success.

Alvarado comes in tonight following two straight losses, and having lost three of his last four fights. Two of which came by knockout. Rios enters the ring tonight having lost two of his last four fights, with his most recent win coming as an undeserved home town disqualification.

There is very little to be gained for either fighter tonight. A victory for either does very little for the status of his career, aside for putting him next in line for a fight with the likes of Tim Bradley or Ruslan Provodnikov, continuing the seemingly never-ending unofficial Top Rank round robin which has taken place over the last four or five years.

This is a fight that is only taking place to line the pockets or HBO and Top Rank. Nobody was calling for it. However, we will watch it all the same.

Look for Rios to start off slow and get out boxed in the early rounds. As he typically does, Alvarado will fall part late. Look for Rios to stop Alvarado on an accumulation of punishment in second half of the fight.

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