Hopkins vs Kovalev: Prediction

It has been a long time since a fight took place that motivated me to write an article. That all changes today.

In one of the most compelling match-ups of the past few years, the near 50 year old Bernard Hopkins will be testing his luck one more time against the young hard punching Sergey Kovalev. For those of you who are interested in alphabet titles, this bout will be a unification of IBF, WBO, and WBA light heavyweight titles. Although, far more important than that, it will be Hopkins try to once again make history.

Should Hopkins win tonight it would be one of the most impressive feats in boxing history. The oldest man to win, defend, and unify a world title; breaking all of his own records. However, Kovalev will not be looking to be part of history tonight. He will be looking to blow out and over the hill champion and continue on the bigger and better things going forward, but will he?

For me, age has no factor in this fight. Bernard Hopkins is as good as he has ever been. He is in tremendous shape, his reflexes are good, and he still has the desire to win and prove people wrong. Kovalev is certainly a talented fighter and hits very hard; but he has not been in with anybody near the caliber of Hopkins. Kovalev’s style is also tailor made for the savvy veteran. Hopkins has made his name on confusing and embarrassing power punchers with limited footwork.

Look for there to be a few shaky moments in the early going. Hopkins may even go down in the first couple of rounds. However, look for him to take over the fight in round three or four and begin to dictate the pace and frustrate the young man. Look for Hopkins once again to stun everybody by having better stamina than the man who is nearly half his age.

Hopkins by clear unanimous decision.

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