Alvarez vs Lara: Round by Round Breakdown



Round 1 – All Lara. He dominated round one with his sharp 1,2s and his foot work. Lara gave Canelo angles the whole round and kept Canelo from even being able to get off.

Round 2 – Lara by a wide margin. Canelo landed 1 effective punch the entire round which was a right hand to the body. The straight right that Canelo got the crowd going with was blocked. Lara snapped Canelo’s head back numerous times with hard 1,2s. Once again Canelo did nothing but follow Lara around the ring and whiff punches.

Round 3 – Lara by a huge margin. At no point could any intelligent judge even contemplate giving this round to Canelo. Lara controlled the pace of the round and dominated with his jab and footwork. Canelo threw nothing of note and to my counting landed 1 punch at best. Lara punctuated the round with a hard straight left in the final 20 seconds.

Round 4 – Canelo. This was one of the closer rounds of the fight. Lara simply did not let his hands go enough to win the round. Although he landed the most effective punches of the round. Canelo finally started to cut the ring off instead of just following Lara. Canelo landed some nice body shots, although he still caught mostly air.

Round 5 – Lara. Not a close round. Canelo landed a handfull of body shots, but that was it. Lara opened the round very strong and staggered Canelo with a number of straight left hands. Lara also stopped Canelo in his tracks with a hard right hook. Once again Canelo swinging and missing for the vast majority of the round.

Round 6 – Lara. Canelo did next to nothing the entire round barr a couple of blocked body shots in the final 10 seconds. Lara landed a number of hard jabs and won the round the the hard straight left that he landed in the final minute of the round. Once again Canelo fought Lara’s fight the whole round. A slow pace.

Round 7 – Canelo. It was for the most part a very evenly contested round. Lara won the first minute of the round, but then faded in the final half following the cut. Canelo did some really good things in the final 30 seconds and punctuated the round. Clear Canelo round.

Round 8 – Canelo. The round was very close in the first half. Neither man did anything to seperate himself in the first 90 seconds. Canelo came on strong in the second half and took the round with some hard body shots.

Round 9 – Lara. This was one of the swing rounds of the fight. Lara landed the harder and cleaner shots. While Canelo muscled Lara more and landed some nice body shots. Lara won the round for me on a hard right hook which caught Canelo flush as well as a couple of hard power jabs that snapped Canelo’s head back.

Round 10 – Lara clearly. Lara landed the effective punches in round 10. Canelo threw a lot of flashy punches but they did not land. Lara landed a hard and fast 3 punch combo in the first 30 seconds of the round as well as about 6 really good hard jabs. Lara punctuated the round with a nice 1,2 in the final minute.

Round 11 – Clear Lara round. Lara landed the straight left over and over in this round. In the first 30 seconds Lara landed a straight left that almost caused Canelo’s glove to touch the canvas. Canelo did land one nice right hand to Lara’s head. Although, the ring generalship and hard 1,2s won Lara round 11 easily.

Round 12 – Lara. Canelo scored points with agression in the final round. Although, all of the hard effective punches were landed by Lara. This is one of the swing rounds of the fight

In conclusion, I have Lara 9 – 3. The fight had a few swing rounds, rounds 4, 9 and 12 were all swing rounds. Of the swing rounds I saw two for Lara and one for Canelo. Even if I were to give Canelo all of the swing rounds he still would have lost 7 – 5. There is no doubt in my mind that Lara won this fight. He controlled the pace and distance the fight was fought at for the entire night. Canelo landed somewhat effective to the body. Although, he only managed to land 9 jabs in a 12 round fight and gave up throwing head shots after round 3. For those who had Canelo winning, I can only ask how and why?

4 thoughts on “Alvarez vs Lara: Round by Round Breakdown

  1. Stop crying you fucking pussy. Your little crush Lara is a overrated Bum like all Cubans, he ran like a pussy all night!! You know nothing about boxing!!

    • Clearly you are extremely intelligent. Your vast knowledge of boxing really came across in this comment. I take it that you think Canelo won the fight. I think you are downright wrong. But, you have a right to an opinion just as much as an intelligent person does.

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