Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Sod Looknongyantoy: Prediction



Macau, China – Tonight one of the most talented boxers on the planet will be in action, although not on the stage he deserves. Super bantamweight king Guillermo Rigondeaux (13-0 8 KOs) will take on Sod Looknongyantoy (63-2-1 27 KOs) on the co-feature of the Zou Shiming “fight”. Luckily for Rigondeaux and fans alike this is Rigo’s last fight under horrendous promoter Bob Arum. Unluckily for Rigo, Arum has made sure to bury this fight as much as possible. He has stuck in on a terrible card from China and will not be airing the fight on the HBO telecast. So fans looking to watch this fight will either have to catch it on tape delay on Unimas or find an internet stream.

Don’t let Looknongyantoy’s record fool you. By no means does he deserve this type of fight and that will be evident when they get into the ring. Look for Rigo to start off boxing and to pick apart the terrible defense of Looknongyantoy. After a few rounds Rigo will realize the level of opponent he is in the ring with and will step on the gas. Rigo by stoppage in the middle rounds.

Bob Arum has done his best to ruin the career of one of the finest talents in boxing ever since Rigo’s destruction of Arum’s prized Filipino Nonito Donaire. It is baffling that a “promoter” who is considered by many to be a future hall-of-famer  could be so incompetent. However, when you really look at Arum’s body of work moves like this should be no surprise. This is the man who could not (or would not) find a way to promote Floyd Mayweather jr. Arum has proven unable to promote any fighter without a built in ethnic fan base. He has also shown no desire to properly promote any pure boxers throughout his career. Once again Arum’s ignorance, incompetence and down right racism have cost him one of the most talented fighters in the sport. It could not happen to a more deserving person.



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