Guillermo Rigondeaux Destroys Sod Kokietgym


Macau, China – In took under two minutes for Guillermo Rigondeaux to dispatch of Sod Kokietgym. About one minute into the fight Rigondeaux and Kokietgym accidentally clashed heads. When Kokietgym rose he seemed to be a bit shaken up, he and Rigondeaux quickly touched gloves. Unfortunately for Kokietgym, Rigondeaux put a 1-2 combination right after the glove touch and ended Kokietgym’s night. The punch was legal. Although it was not necessarily fair. 

Rigondeaux is now a free agent. He will be looking to land a new promoter. Hopefully this time one who will do their best to actually promote him. He will likely end up with Goldenboy who have a lot of fighters around 122-128 pounds. No matter where he ends up, the line of guys waiting to fight him will be short.

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