Canelo vs Lara: Prediction



Las Vegas, Nevada – Tomorrow night the world will find out who is the king of the junior middleweight division. Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez takes on the often avoided Erislandy Lara in a throwback fight. Both men are in their primes and at the height of their popularity. The fight will be fought at a catch-weight of 155 pounds and is scheduled for twelve rounds. 

There has been no shortage of trash talk from these two confident fighters. Lara only landed the fight because he confronted Canelo at the post fight press conference following his destruction of Alfredo Angulo. Lara feels disrespected not only by the way he has been treated in the lead up to this fight but by his longtime promoter in general. Oscar de la Hoya has made it no secret that he is rooting for his golden goose. Oscar has been seen on All Access eating and hanging out with Canelo and even giving him tips in the gym. This prompted Lara to claim that he would have no problem “busting de la Hoya in the mouth too.” 

The trash talking is nearly over though. All that is left is the fight. So who will win?

This is a poor style match-up for the young and slightly inexperienced Canelo. Both men are boxer punchers but Lara has the advantage in skill and hand speed. Lara also has the superior defense and boxing IQ. Canelo has the advantage in size and power. Although, given his poor stamina Canelo will likely be unable to turn the fight into the war that he needs it to be. Look for Canelo to have some early success but to tire in the middle rounds. Lara by a clear unanimous decision.

The biggest worry for Lara in this fight will be the judges score cards. Miraculously one of the three judges has Canelo’s whitewash loss to Floyd Mayweather a draw. Also, with the influence that Goldenboy and the rabid fans will have on the official judges, look for some questionable score cards.

What do you think of this prediction? Let me know in the comments section below.



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