Daniel Geale Open Workout and Interview

Redfern NSW – Fan favorite Daniel “The Real Deal” Geale held his final public workout today in the Redfern PCYC before departing to the United States to take on WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. The scene was an intimate one; surrounded by family and friends, Geale did some light workouts before sparring two rounds with super middleweight prospect Jake Carr. Geale looked very good in the ring. His speed and combination punching was on display. He played the matador to the larger and younger Carr and made him pay when he got over aggressive.

As quickly as the sparring began it ended. Next up for Geale were questions from the media. The former champion manuevered his way through the barrage of questions as smoothly as he did through Carr only moments earlier. Never one to belittle his opponents or trash talk, Geale exudes confidence in a more subtle way. He still manages to get his point across, although with less theatrics than most fight fans are used to.

Next up was a light barbecue and autographs. Geale was great with the crowd as always, ensuring that every fan got a chance. There was a family atmosphere to the event which seemed more like a family reunion than an open workout to promote a prize fight. Geale’s wife and children were there along with friends and die-hard fans. Even NSW Rugby captain Paul Gallen stopped by to wish Geale good luck. Last on the docket was a photo shoot and a few final interviews.

It only takes short moment to realize why Geale is such a popular and beloved fighter. In a sport filled with over-exaggerated personas and far too many villains, he is a beacon of sanity. He is the underdog that you love to root for. Win or lose on July 26th there is no doubt that Daniel Geale is the real deal.

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