Algieri Upsets Provodnikov; Wins Split Decision



Brooklyn, New York – Chris Algieri is the new WBO junior welterweight champion of the world. By scores of 114-112 (twice) for Algieri and 117-109 for Provodnikov, Algieri won the split decision. The right man won the fight. Although, Max Deluca’s score of 117-109 has to be seriously questioned. I have serious questions about who was signing his paycheck tonight.

Algieri started off very shaky being forced onto the ropes for the majority of round one. Then around halfway through the round Provodnikov landed a huge left hook to the head of Algieri and dropped him hard. Algieri rose fairly quickly but immediately started to paw at his right eye. His eye started to immediately swell shut and things began to look very bad for him. Towards the end of the round Provodnikov once again pinned Algieri against the ropes and forced him to take a knee.

For however bad the first round was for Algieri, the majority of the rest of the fight was equally bad for Provodnikov. Algieri going into round two began to box and stab with his long jab. Algieri pretty clearly won rounds two though seven behind his boxing ability. Algieri started to slow down a little bit in round eight through eleven and most could have gone either way. Algieri was still using great foot and head movement but his work-rate began to slow. Round twelve was another close round much like a lot of the rounds. However, Algieri did the better work and landed the cleaner crisper punches.

Following the fight, Algieri seemed elated at his huge upset victory. The sky is the limit it seems for the slick and rugged boxer. Provodnikov seemed absolutely mentally ruined by the fight, claiming “movers give me trouble, I would prefer to fight guys who stand and fight.” If Provodnikov can’t find a way to deal with boxing ability, he is not going to last long at this level of the game.

On the under-card WBO junior middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade beat up and stopped mandatory challenger Brian Rose in a totally one sided affair. From here, look for Andrade to challenge either Joshua Clottey or James Kirkland later in the year.

What did you think of tonight’s fights? Who do you want to see Algieri and Provodnikov fight next? Let me know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Algieri Upsets Provodnikov; Wins Split Decision

  1. If this were the amateurs, then Algieri won. Last I checked, this was a pro fight. I had Provodnikov going away. Landed many more meaningful punches. This drives people away from the sport.

    • Algieri boxed beautifully and made Provodnikov miss wildly. Provodnikov has nobody to blame but himself. He loaded up to much on his shots early and got winded. He also quit cutting off the ring after about round 2 and started to just aimlessly follow Algieri around. Roach is not the right trainer for him. He looked utterly clueless at how to deal with a pure boxer. This wont lead anyone away from the sport Jack. Its boxing, and a boxer won. It was a close fight… but the right got had his hand raised.

      Thanks for your comment though, it is great to hear your opinions

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