The Cobra Strikes Again; Knocks Groves Out



Carl Froch has done it again. This time in front of 80,000 rabid fans at Wembley Stadium. On one of the biggest boxing stages of all time The Cobra struck hard, scoring an electric eighth round knockout over domestic rival George Groves.

The fight was hotly contested early on. Groves was quicker and more precise with his shots, while Froch was more physical and mauling with his. The first few rounds were very close and could have gone either way. Around the fourth round Froch began to pick things up and start digging to the body. At the start of the eighth round the fight was very tight and Groves looked to be really coming on. Then without warning Froch threw a slapping left hook and followed it up with a thunderous right hand that turned Groves’ lights out. The combination was setup with a beautiful feint and the left hook drew Groves’ eyes away from the right hand. No count was needed. Froch further proved that he is not someone to be overlooked.

From here Froch can challenge whoever he likes. Although, he will likely look to target Julio Cesar Chavez jr in a big money showdown. Other possible opponents are Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward in high profile rematches.

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