Froch vs Groves II: Prediction


Tomorrow in the UK in front of 80,000 fans at Wembley stadium Carl “The Cobra” Froch and George Groves will settle the score.

Their first meeting was marred by a controversial stoppage by referee Howard Foster. Groves dropped Froch hard in round one and was dominating Froch for six rounds. However, Froch rallied back and started to really beat Groves up in the seventh round. Then in the middle part of round nine, Froch rocked Groves hard and his hands dropped. Froch landed a number of uncontested punches and then referee Howard Foster stopped the fight.

The stoppage is widely considered to be an early one although, I think it was a good one. Because of the stoppage Groves has all of his faculties and is getting a big money rematch in one of the biggest fights of the year. Groves was on his way to being flattened and possibly having his career shortened.

This is all history, what really matters is, what will happen this time?

Froch appeared to take Groves lightly in their first fight. He will not this time around. Groves was able to catch Froch off guard and get to him early in their first fight. This time around Froch knows what he has in front of him. Look for Froch to start off a little bit slow, but then come on in the middle rounds and finish Groves off in the second half of the fight. Groves has an average chin and doesn’t have the heart or the beard to hang in there with Carl Froch. Froch by KO in round eight.

What do you think of this prediction? Let me know in the comments section below?

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