Marquez Decisions Alvarado



The future hall of famer turned back the clock one more time tonight. Juan Manuel Marquez scored a wide unanimous decision over the rugged former champion, Mike Alvarado. The scores were 117-109 twice and 119-108.

The fight started off extremely tactical. Both men seemed a bit timid, although Marquez was clearly getting the best of the action. The first six rounds followed this pattern. Marquez would land a few decent shots, Alavarado a couple of one at a time jabs. Rinse Repeat.

Something seemed to change at the end of the sixth round however. For the first time in the fight when Alvarado let his hands go, Marquez decided to stay inside and return fire. The seventh round was all action as Marquez rocked Alvarado repeated with hard body shots and straight rights and uppercuts. Round eight looked to be more of the same, until about 15 seconds were left. Marquez let a hellacious right hand fly and dropped the game Alvarado hard. Alvarado somehow managed to beat the count. Round nine was the kind of round that shows you just what kind of fighters both men are. Alvarado coming off a knockdown in the previous round went right out and dropped Marquez in the first 30 seconds of the round. Marquez rallied right back and dominated the remainder of the fight.

The final three rounds were just as hellacious as the previous three. Both men left it all on the line… but Marquez was the man standing when the dust settled.

Following tonight’s big win, Marquez is now in line to face Manny Pacquiao for a fifth and hopefully final time. 


What did you think of this fight? Let me know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Marquez Decisions Alvarado

  1. Even though the scores weren’t close that was a hell of a fight. Alvarado looked like he was done after that knockdown and then came out and showed what kind of guts he has. Round 9 might be round of the year so far.

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