Stiverne Makes History: Stops Arreola in Six



Bermane Stiverne is the WBC heavyweight champion of the world. One of 14 children, Stiverne made history tonight by becoming the first Haitian born heavyweight champion.

Stiverne started the fight off strong. He spent the majority of the first round with his back on the ropes looking to counter. Late in round number one Stiverne landed a hard two punch combination the wobbled Arreola. Stiverne was unable to follow up the first round. In rounds two and three Stiverne looked to be loading up hoping only to land one big punch. Arreola made him pay it.

Round four saw Stiverne begin to be more active. He began to fire his jab and start to be more busy. However, Arreola landed the far better shots and clearly took the round. Round five was the most competitive of the fight. Both men threw hard combinations and finished the round strong.

Early in round six, Arreola stuck out a lazy jab and left it out to long. This was the opening Stiverne was waiting for all night long. He landed a sweeping right hand on the temple and dropped Arreola hard. Arreola managed to beat the count, although he was on very shaky legs. Referee Jack Reiss bought Arreola a little bit of time by admonishing Stiverne and having him back up. It was not enough. Stiverne jumped right back on the badly hurt Arreola and floored him again. Once again Arreola managed to beat the count. Reiss allowed the fight to continue. It didn’t for long. Stiverne threw a wild combination and rocked Arreola again. This finally prompted Reiss to stop the fight.

Stiverne is now the WBC heavyweight champion of the world and has a boatload of big money options available to him. His mandatory challenger is the raw power puncher Deontay WIlder. There is also the winner of Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora and heavyweight kingpin Wladimir Klitschko. Whichever direction Stiverne decides to go from here…. the world will be watching.

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