Stiverne vs Arreola: Prediction



Tomorrow night a new heavyweight champion will be crowned. History will be made. We will either see the first Mexican heavyweight champion crowned or the first Haitian. Bermane Stiverne rematches Cris Arreola for the vacant WBC heavyweight title. The title became vacant due to Vitali Klitschko retiring.The fight will also be aired by ESPN, which will be a huge step in the right direction for boxing.

In their first fight in 2013, Stiverne battered and decision a sloppy looking version of Arreola. Arreola believes this time will be different. He may well be right.

Both men are coming off long layoffs. Neither are slick boxers, so expect a war. Arreola seems to be much hungrier this time around and with the added motivation of the WBC title, expect him to lay it all on the line. Both men have to power to hurt and stop the other, although I see this fight going the distance. Arreola by unanimous decision.

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