Mayweather Struggles; Wins Majority Decision


Tonight in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather looked human for the first time in years. The self proclaimed “Best Ever” looked far from that in his majority decision over former WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana.

Maidana came straight out of gate showing Mayweather zero respect. He pinned him on the ropes for the majority of the first round and wailed away with awkward power shots. At one point he noticeably rocked Mayweather cause the champ to go into a defensive shell. Round two was a better one for the pound for pound king. He dictated the pace and distance during the majority of the rounds, although Maidana has his moments. Rounds 3-5 were all Maidana. He was unrelenting keeping Mayweather firmly pinned against the ropes. Although, most of Maidana’s blows were blocked by Mayweather.

Mayweather began to take the fight over in round six making a concerted effort to stay off the ropes. In round seven Mayweather continued to box at distance and constantly dug to Maidana’s body. The fight stayed that way for the remainder as Mayweather did everything he could to stay off the ropes.

The scorecards did not represent how close this fight was. While one had it a draw, and another had it 116-112… somehow the third judge saw the fight 117-111.

From here look for Mayweather to rematch Marcos Maidana in September.

On the undercard, Amir Khan and Adrien Broner both bounced back with separate unanimous decision wins. Both men put themselves in the title hunt in their respective divisions.

What did you think of tonight’s fights? Let me know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Mayweather Struggles; Wins Majority Decision

  1. I thought Mayweather won, but clearly the toughest fight he’s had in years if not ever. Maidana never got discouraged and never for a second thought he couldn’t win the fight. Really hope to see a rematch.

    • I absolutely agree. . Mayweather clearly won by landing the more significant shots, but Maidana, definitely made it a very competitive fight. . He had a lot of dirty tactics tho. . Head butts, low blows. . Just a lot of dirty boxing

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