Pacquiao vs Bradley II: Prediction



The wait is nearly over. Tonight, live on HBO PPV, Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley will get to prove once and for all who is the superior fighter. The controversy of the first fight has been talked about enough. Everyone knows the story. What the world is waiting to know now; who will win?

Manny Pacquiao has his career on the line tonight. He suffered two straight defeats to Tim Bradley and his arch rival Juan Manuel Marquez. He was lucky that it was only two losses. Had the judges been coherent during his third fight with Marquez then “The Pac Man” would have lost three straight. His decision win against Brandon Rios last year in Macau did little to prove that he is still the same fighter that blazed through weight classes. Instead, he looked like the same aging off balance fighter who has failed to score a knockout in over four years. If Manny Pacquiao loses tonight, his days of mega PPVs will be behind him. His steadily declining PPV numbers and less than impressive performances have vastly shrunken his legion of fans.

Tim Bradley has improved in every way since his first fight with Pacquiao. Although he fought a foolish fight against Ruslan Provodnikov, he proved that his heart and desire to win is on another level entirely. He then showed against Marquez that he has the ability to box intelligently for 12 rounds and make a future Hall-of-Famer look clueless. He has now fully grown into the weight class and is a strong welterweight, one who will likely outweigh Pacquiao by 10 pounds on fight night.

Both men are headed in completely opposite directions heading into this fight. It is a crossroads fight. One that Bradley should easily win.

Bradley has the superior speed, boxing ability, defense and intangibles. Pacquiao has the edge in power. Although, we haven’t seen any evidence of it in quite some time. The only way that I see Pacquiao winning is if the judges feel pressured and are scared to turn in a card that has him losing, which has a great chance of happening.

Bradley by a wide decision. Whether or not he gets it… we will have to wait and see.

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