Garcia vs Gamboa Falls Apart

Bob Arum has done it again. He has once again squandered an opportunity for big anticipated fight involving former Olympic gold medallist Yuriorkis Gamboa. HBO was aggressively targeting Mikey Gacia vs Yuriorkis Gamboa for May 17th. The fight appears to have fallen apart over money, although Arum’s personal vendetta against Gamboa likely played a major role.

Earlier today Arum stated; “Garcia-Gamboa is not going to happen because, frankly, who the fuck is Gamboa? Why should he be getting as much money as Garcia? He hasn’t fought on HBO. He fucked me in the Rios fight. What kind of shit is this? What, 50 Cent singing songs? It’s not going to happen.”

Never one to worry about facts, Arum’s statement is filled with very few. He claims that Gamboa “hasn’t fought on HBO” however, Gamboa has fought exclusively on HBO for the last five years. It is also strange that Arum has to ask “who the fuck is Gamboa?” Arum promoted Gamboa for the majority of his professional career in which he has won multiple world titles.

Arum now plans to match Garcia against WBA super featherweight champion Takashi Uchiyama instead. HBO has rightfully refused to air this fight, and Arum plans to take the fight to Macau instead.

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