HBO: Boxing for Dummies


Bob Arum and HBO are back at it again. The Rigondeaux witch-hunt is back in full force and it seems Arum nor HBO are going to stop until they have completely ruined his career. Rigondeaux committed one of the most heinous crimes ever witnessed by Jim Lampley, when he had the gall to box intelligently and pick apart then #3 p4p fighter Nonito Donaire. Then he had the nerve to do it again against former bantamweight champion Joseph Agbeko, which is just downright unforgivable.
HBO is once again refusing to showcase Rigondeaux, instead focusing on blockbuster fights like Chavez vs Vera II and Zou Shiming vs a cab driver.
In all seriousness though, HBO has become a network that is nearly unwatchable. Their commentary is about as legitimate and unbiased as the team of Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon. They are nothing more than Top Rank TV at this point. They constantly refuse solid opponents for lineal champs Sergio Martinez and Guillermo Rigondeaux, yet are willing to throw the bank at any fight involving Chavez jr or Andre Ward. A good thing to keep in mind is that Ward has a 10% lower KO ratio (than Rigondeaux) and is not a big draw. However they were fine with paying over $3M for his fight against Edwin Rodriguez.  
HBO is not the place to go if you are a boxing fan. Although, if you like watching mediocre athletes knock out under matched opposition…. then Lampley and Top Rank TV have you covered.
Be sure to tune in at 8:15pm to watch Chavez jr have a bowel movement.

2 thoughts on “HBO: Boxing for Dummies

  1. I agree Rigo is a superb fighter. However, boxing, like any other sport, is about entertainment. If it fails to entertain, it fails to draw viewers. If it fails to draw viewers, it is not profitable. If it is not profitable, then it will not be promoted, since the objective of any producer is to show a profit.

    • I agree with what you are saying to an extent. However, Rigondeaux has not proven to be unprofitable. His last fight did around 600,000 views. Which was on the same time as a stacked card on Showtime… which also did lower than avg numbers. Had HBO aired the fight on a weekend that wasnt occupied by showtime, then around 900,000 would have watched…. which is a very good rating for a 122lb fight.

      Also, Rigo would have no problem selling out an arena in Miami. Bob Arum, just will not allow him to fight in Miami. Arum doesnt give a shit about money. He is 82 years old and likely suffering from dementia. He has ruined many fighters careers and has no problem doing the same to Rigo. He is butt-hurt that Rigo schooled Donaire… and he is doing everything in his power to stall Rigo’s career.

      I mean this is the idiot who was unable to promote Mayweather! Arum thinks he is bigger than the sport…. he is not. Boxing will be better off when he is gone.

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