Bright Future For Lara/Trout Winner


Without question, Erislandy Lara vs Austin Trout is the most important fight of this weekend’s stacked lineup. It is also a fight that three of the sports biggest stars will be watching very closely. The winner will be in a very good spot to challenge either Floyd Mayweather jr or Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Miguel Cotto will also be watching, as Austin Trout soundly out-boxed the Puerto Rican last year. As big a question as “who will win this fight”, is “who will the winner fight next?”

The answer to that is a bit more complicated than it should be. Should Austin Trout win, I believe he will jump straight to the front of the line for a Mayweather sweepstakes. Trout does not have a lot of punching power and would be a good style match-up for the smaller Mayweather. He is also advised by Al Haymon which would make the negotiations a great deal easier. Canelo would also be open to re-matching Trout, should his proposed fight with Cotto not get made. Although Canelo defeated Austin Trout by a unanimous decision earlier this year, the fight was very close and could have gone to ether guy. Canelo was very helped by the locale of the fight, and the questionable scoring that comes with it.

If Erislandy Lara wins however, his most realistic targets would be Canelo and Peter Quillin. Lara’s power and awkward style would not do him any favors in landing a Mayweather fight. His very small fan base would give “Money” all the reason he needs to dismiss Lara as a future opponent. Canelo may would be willing to take on the slick Cuban in March of next year, but only if he fails secure a Miguel Cotto fight. Lara has also made it very clear that he is willing to move up to middleweight for a big fight. That would make Peter Quillin a very possible fight for next year, as neither man would have many notable options outside of one another.

Look out for a prediction closer to fight time. Let me know who you think will win in the comments section below.

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