Antonio Tarver Stops Journeyman Mike Sheppard


Another once great legend has made an ill advised return to the ring. Antonio “The Magic Man” Tarver made his second appearance as a heavyweight tonight, weighing a sloppy 226 lbs. Tarver, best known for knocking out then pound for pound king Roy Jones jr ten years ago, is well past his prime . The 45 year old heavyweight version of Tarver that fought tonight was barely recognizable. He still has the frame of the 175 man he used to be, only now he has about 50 lbs of useless weight to carry around. He was slow in the ring and although he was in a very easy fight, seemed to be breathing heavy after the first round.

Tarver began the fight boxing on his back foot and circling around the ring, showing glimpses of ability. Sheppard, a civics teacher, did little more than clumsily follow Tarver around the ring for four rounds. In the early part of the fourth round, Tarver threw a long leading uppercut which caught Sheppard hard on the chin and put him down. Credit to his toughness, Sheppard managed to beat the count, only to suffer two more knockdowns and a TKO defeat.

From here Tarver will likely continue to fight, hopefully against less than quality opposition. Prior to the fight, he expressed an interest in facing Wladamir Klitchsko in around one years time. That fight is very unlikely to happen, which is good for Tarver and fans alike.

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