Underwhelming Performance By Fading Superstar


Last night in Macau China, at the Venetian Resort; Manny Pacquiao made his return to the ring, outclassing Brandon Rios to a unanimous decision victory. Pacquiao came out very strong landing hard left hands and occasionally wobbling the over cautious Rios. It began to look as if a knockout was coming as Pacquiao badly hurt Rios in the sixth and cut him over the left eye. Although from that point on Pacquiao looked tired and content to do the bare minimum throughout the remainder of the fight. Rios made a very poor account for himself, barely even attempting to win. He was there for one thing, a payday, and it appeared little else.

The fight was rather dull throughout, as it was basically no more than a glorified sparring session against an over-matched foe. Many times throughout the evening it appeared that Manny could have stepped on the gas and stopped him, although he showed no interest in doing so. Manny’s punches did not seem to have the same snap that they had a few years ago, and recently in fights his stamina has become an issue. He faded quite a bit down the stretch last night, although it made no difference as Rios was unable to capitalize on it. It was a solid win in a tune-up fight.

From here Pacquiao will most likely face Ruslan Provodnikov; Bob Arum will do everything in his power to match Pacquiao with the easiest possible guys from here on out. Rios will most likely take some time off and maybe fight a rubber match with Mike Alvorado in the second half of next year.

Overall the card from Macau was very poor. Nothing but mismatches from top to bottom, and aside from the Dib vs Gradovich fight, there was very little excitement. It would be very difficult to make a case that last nights PPV was anywhere near worth the price.

What did you think of the Fight? Who should Pacquiao fight next? Let me know in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Underwhelming Performance By Fading Superstar

  1. Pacquiao always been a volume puncher but it’s clear that he doesn’t have the stamina to sustain the onslaught to knock his opponent out as he has done in the past. Give credit to Rios for staying upright, but Pacquiao of old would had floored him by the fourth round since Rios was such an easy target. Having said that, it’s not fair to compare Pac’s skills at 35 to when he was 25.

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