Bombs Away In Manchester: Froch and Quigg Come Up Big


Last night in Manchester, England, there were very many exciting fights. WBA super bantamweight Scott Quigg scored a highlight reel second round knockout of Diego SIlva. Quigg first dropped him with a huge uppercut to the chin, and then later finished him off with a massive right hand to the temple.

Quigg’s future looks very bright, he has a title in a very exciting weight class, and he is always in exciting fights. It is possible that we could soon see him face Guillermo Rigondeaux, or Kiko Martinez in title unification bouts.

On to the big one, the main event, there was not shortage of trash talking prior to the this fight. Both Froch and Groves believed that they had what it took to stop the other man. The fight started out balls to the wall, with Groves coming in looking to end it in the first. Toward the end of the first round, Groves landed a monster right hand to the chin of Froch which put him flat on his back. Froch immediately sprang up, although his legs looked very shaky throughout the remainder of the round. Groves continued to pressure through rounds two to four, and appeared to be building a very large lead against the champion. Around the mid-way point of the fight though, Froch began to come back, landing hard combinations and really making the fight ugly. Froch did enough in my eyes to win rounds six, seven, and eight. Then in an incredibly exciting ninth round, Froch rocked Groves with a hook which drove him back into the ropes, Froch landed four hard punches uncontested and as Groves staggered the referee stopped the fight.

The talk from that moment on switched from the possibility of seeing an upset to the perceived early stoppage. I personally think that the stoppage was a bit early, although had the ref allowed the fight to continue, Froch still would have finished Groves in the round. Groves to me looked badly hurt and was not able to defend himself. It is an unfortunate way for such an exciting fight to end.

Nobody is really the loser after this fight. Groves made a great account of himself and nearly stopped Froch. Froch showed heart and even though he struggled, he managed to pull out the exciting win. The logical next move for both guys is an immediate rematch.

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