Paquiao Returns: Camps Collide


This weekend one of the sports biggest stars will make his long awaited return to the ring. Manny Pacquiao will face Brandon Rios in a welterweight fight taking place in Macau, China. This will be the first big PPV from China to be shown on the American network giant HBO. The fight will take place early in the morning Macau time in order to accommodate a 9 PM start time in the United States.

The big story-line heading into the fight is based around Pacquiao coming off the vicious knockout he suffered at the hand of Juan Manuel Marquez last November. Rios is also coming off a loss, he suffered the lone loss of his career at the hands of Mike Alvarado this past March. Rios, a career lightweight, will be making his welterweight debut, which will surely put him at a disadvantage as he has only fought at junior welterweight twice.

The camps seem to be doing their best to promote a fight that is failing to produce the hype normally surrounding Manny Pacquiao’s fights. Today an altercation occurred between Rios’ and Pacquiao’s camps which resulted in Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s former strength and conditioning coach, kicking Freddie Roach in the stomach. The incident began due to Brandon Rios’ gym time being delayed by some interviews. Rios gets the gym between 9 and 11 am, with Pacquiao getting the gym after. Roach reportedly approached Robert Garcia around 11 am and told the trainer to “get out.” Garcia refused which angered Roach who then made many expletive heavy borderline racist comments directed at Rios’ camp. Ariza then mocked Roach’s voice and Parkinson’s disease and kicked him in the stomach. It was a very classless display from both camps, but Roach and Ariza who have had their history in the past; are the most at fault. Although, the entire incident is probably nothing more than a stunt to try and build excitement for the fight.

Regardless of the antics caused by the two camps, this fight promises to be Pacquiao’s worst performing fight in years. Rios did nothing to deserve a chance to face Pacquiao, who is yet again fighting a much smaller man. Anything short of a one punch knockout will be a big disappointment for the Filipino superstar. This fight feels like little more than a quick cash grab by Arum and Pacquiao, highlighted by their choice to fight in China to avoid US taxes.

What did you think of this article? Are you looking forward to the fight this weekend? Let me know in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Paquiao Returns: Camps Collide

  1. I had no idea Rios was a smaller man who would be stepping up to fight Pacman. I guess this is why so many people are picking Pacman to win it easily. I would imagine some of the hype is gone as well since it is being fought in Macau.

    • Rios is much smaller, he was at his best as a lightweight. Pacquiao is a full fledged welterweight now. Rios will come in around the same size as Pac, but the weight will not be put on properly. He will have a very Juan Diaz-esque body type.

      Regardless of size though, this is a mismatch plain and simple.

      The fight will sell poorly, they are only charging $5 for the ppv in China, which will be a good way to fudge the ppv buy rate.

      The US audience is just not going to buy in to a fight which takes place in China.

  2. ummmmmmmmm rios is not smaller than pacquiao. not by a long shot. try looking at a picture of the two. rios is taller and has a bigger frame. while rios killed himself to make the lower weights his entire career, manny started at 103 and always comes into his welterweight fights under the limit. do some research before you start dashing off blogs.

    • Rios is thick around the middle. The height is not the issue, Rios is coming up in weight even though he looked soft at 140. Pac has fought at 147 for years now and even fought at 150.

      Pac is the bigger and stronger man. Rios will be very similar to the way JMM looked when he fought Floyd Mayweather.

      Pac comes in usually around 146, he does not struggle to make the weight, but he more than likely could not make 140 anymore… which Rios can.

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