Andre Ward Continues His Domination

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Tonight on HBO, live from Ontario California, Andre “SOG” Ward made his return to the ring against undefeated Dominican Edwin “La Bomba” Rodriguez. The fight began extremely sloppy, Rodriguez was holding excessively and refusing to break. Both men fell in with their punches which caused every exchange to end with a clinch. The fight remained ugly until the fourth round when referee Jack Reiss grabbed Ward in an attempt to break up a vicious clinch and was grazed by a punch thrown by Rodriguez. Reiss stopped the action and deducted two points from each fighter. Although, I didn’t like the way that Reiss made himself such a big part of the fight, and a two point reduction from each fighter was ridiculous, it did help to clean up the action a bit. Ward continued to dominate the fight throughout, landing hard jabs which snapped back the head of Rodriguez, and the occasional combination. In the eleventh round Ward landed a hard left hook as Rodriguez was wildly coming in and it wobbled him badly, although there was not enough time left in the round for Ward to capitalize on it. The twelfth round was more of the same, lots of clinches and a few hard shots landed by Ward. Ward improved to 27-0 with 14 KOs, and certainly maintained his number two spot in the pound for pound ratings.

The big question following tonight’s fight is; where does Ward go from here? There are very few options left for him at 168, aside from a possible rematch with Carl Froch. Should Golovkin decide to move up that would be a relatively big fight, although Golovkin doesn’t look to be moving up anytime soon. It seems that Ward may have to move up to light heavyweight in order to find any reasonable challenges. Fights against Adonis Stevenson, Sergey Kovalev, or the winner of Pascal vs Bute would all be solid challenges for him. Either way he decides to go though, I don’t see him losing anytime soon.

What did you think of tonight’s fight? Who would you like to see Ward fight next? Let me know in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Andre Ward Continues His Domination

  1. Ward has very good skills. No doubt. I find myself uninterested in his fights, though. There are very few clean exchanges in his fights. I literally fast forwarded through almost the entire fight, only watching some of the end of round highlights. If Ward is as good as he and boxing aficionados say he is he should be willing to get into “honest” exchanges. Instead, based on what I have seen, he rarely slugs it out with anyone. You might say, “well, that’s because he is smart. Kind of like Mayweather, he waits until his opponent is spent, them moves in for the kill.” Ok, fine, but it does nothing for me as a viewer. It is hard for me to imagine he is paid much for his fights because, after all, boxing is, first and foremost, entertainment, meaning people watch it for enjoyment. Ward, in my view, is just another one of these slick, talented boxers who could care less about entertaining the viewers and is only focused on doing what it takes to win. Without question, many people will ask what is wrong with that. My response is, it’s boring. He has either forgotten why he is in the sport or doesn’t care, because he is getting a paycheck. When I see certain fighters are fighting next, I get excited, I look forward to watching them work their craft. Fighters like Provodnikov, Kovalev, Arreola, Golovkin, Pacquiao, Alvarado. These guys bring it. They come to fight and I tip my hat to those brave warriors, who are talented, smart and never forget why they are in the ring. To entertain their fans.

    • Ward’s fighting style isn’t for everyone I guess. I thought the fight last night was very sloppy and poorly ref’d…. although the majority of that was caused by Rodriguez. He didnt come to fight, he came for a payday. Ward does clinch a bit too much for my liking… but there is no denying that he is an incredible talent. I honestly dont know what would happen if he were to fight Rigondeaux of Mayweather (at even weight and height) that is how good he is.

      He has the ability to do it all. He can box, he can brawl inside, and he can finish guys off. I am eagerly awaiting his move to light heavyweight, I dont think anybody there can beat him… but I wanna see them try.

      I like watching all the fighters you just named, but none could beat Ward. Alvarado is a B- fighter… he is fun to watch but he is totally overrated. Golovkin is good, but the jury is still out on him until he faces a legit fighter. Arreola is a guilty pleasure of mine, he is avg at best, has awful defense and would stand no chance against elite fighters… but he is always in good scraps. Provodnikov is a solid banger with limited skills but infinite toughness. Kovalev is the class of the guys you named (excluding a non washed up Pac). I think he is very good, he is slow.. but his power is real. I cannot wait to see what happens with him and Stevenson.

      It is too bad that you do not have more of an appreciation for Ward’s style, because he is going to be on top for a long time. But no need to worry, there are tons of good fights left this year!!

      Trout vs Lara is going to be great.. and Broner vs Maidana should be very good as well.

      • Like him or not, every time Arreola steps into the ring it is going to be a war, or he KO’s his opponent. GGG is more talented and from what I am reading, better than many think he is. For the first time, though, I did see a little carelessness from GGG. Stevens could have caught him because his guard was down at times. Provo, solid and always brings it. Kovalev, I agree, hand speed could be his downfall but he has the power to balance the scales, if he is not outpointed. Broner easily outclasses Maidana. I really like Maidana but since styles make fights, I think Maidana is definitely outpointed and maybe even KO’d by Broner, even though I would love to see Maidana “shock the world.”

        As to Ward, I am sorry, he may the most talented guy out there but he puts me to sleep. How can anyone get enjoyment out of watching a guy throw and clinch, rinse and repeat. This was not just a Rodriguez issue. It happens in all of Ward’s fights, to a greater to lesser degree. Rodriguez was not talented enough to be fighting at this level. He has power but his punches are slow and his skills are marginal.

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