Garcia vs Martinez: Official Predictions


Tomorrow night, in Corpus Christi Texas, HBO will host a triple header featuring Mikey Garcia vs Roman “Rocky” Garcia, Nonito Donaire vs Vic Darchinyan, and Demetrius Andrade vs Vanes Martirosyan. All three fights promise to be exciting, whether or not they are competitive remains to be seen.

The Demetrius Andrade vs Vanes Martirosyan match looks to be the most competitive on paper. Andrade has the superior speed and athleticism as well as possibly the edge in power, while Martirosyan has the edge in experience. This is a big step of for Andrade who has been moved along very slowly until now. I expect Andrade to win a unanimous decision in a relatively close and competitive fight.

In the Nonito Donaire vs Vic Darchinyan match, there is little reason to expect anything different than their first fight. Both men seemed to have lost a step recently, and both are fighting far above the weights where they are most effective. Donaire will definitely win the fight, and more than likely he will stop Darchinyan in the mid-to-late rounds.

In the main event Mikey Garcia is moving up in weight to challenge the WBO junior lightweight champion Roman Martinez. Martinez is a solid fighter, but he tends to be a bit sloppy; look for Garcia to capitalize on Martinez’s mistakes. Garcia is the far superior technician and has the edge in speed and power. Garcia will more than likely win a wide unanimous decision, although he may be able to stop Martinez late, if he chooses to step on the gas.

What do you think of this weekends picks? Let me know in the comments section below, also look out for post fight breakdowns after the fights.

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