Golovkin Stays Perfect


Last night, on the grandest stage of them all, Madison Square Garden, Golovkin outworked and wore down Curtis “Showtime” Stevens for an eighth round TKO. Stevens boxed well enough in the first round, although, it was a round he lost; in the second round Golovkin came out strong, and in the closing seconds dropped Stevens with a double left hook, which nearly finished the Brooklyn native. Stevens was very defensive in round three, hoping only to survive the onslaught, which he did so successfully. Stevens began to throw back hard punches from the fourth round on, and in spots, was able to push Golovkin back, though he was nowhere near active enough to win a round. In the eighth round, Stevens was on the ropes for the majority of the round and taking a great deal of punishment, after the end of the round the fight was stopped in Stevens’ corner and Golovkin was yet again the winner by knockout.

This fight did little, if anything to improve the standing of Golovkin, and arguably in my eyes it lowered my thought of Golovkin. I saw a careless fighter, with solid punching power, getting hit much too easily by a smaller timid fighter. Stevens’ speed gave Golovkin trouble, and aside from the hard left hook in the second round, he failed to badly hurt Stevens’ with his punches. It is hard criticism for a fight in which Golovkin won every round and got the stoppage, but when you claim to be the baddest man in boxing, and your trainer rates you the “third greatest middleweight of all time”, you have to be sensational. I didn’t think that Golovkin was at all sensational last night, I thought he was very entertaining, and he put on a great show, but I saw a great deal of weaknesses that a superior boxer could take advantage of.

On the under-card, Cuban Mike Perez won a wide unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Magomed Abdusalamov. Mike Perez badly hurt Abdusalamov in the first round, and controlled from there on out. It has come out that Abdusalamov required brain surgery after the fight, my thoughts go out to him and his family, and I hope to see him make a full and speedy recovery.

What did you think of this weekend’s fights? Let me know in the comments section below, and look out for more picks next weekend.

7 thoughts on “Golovkin Stays Perfect

  1. I agree with your assessment. I saw Golovkin look susceptible for the first time due to his over aggressiveness. Golovkin was caught several times. He obviously has a good chin because lesser opponents may have been KO’d. He also seemed to be reading his press clippings.

    • Yes, he looked very easy to hit for a guy who was scared shit-less. Golovkin’s biggest strength right now is his own hype. Had Stevens came in there and just banged it out with him, he would have had a chance. He was clearly scared of Golovkin’s power before the fight.

      I def think GGG has a good chin, although, Stevens never landed anything huge. He was much too cautious in there, he fought the same timid fight as Macklin did.

      I don’t want it to seem like I am in doubt of Golovkin’s skills, or that I dislike him, but he needs to step up the competition. I love that he likes to fight 4 or 5 times a year… but he has gotta face some elite competition. I am hoping to see him face Martin Murray in Feb, he announced that he will return on Feb 1st in Macau, so that would be the perfect time to face Murray, who cannot get a US visa. If Murray prices himself out, or declines the fight… then I wanna see him fight either Daniel Geale or the Sturm/Barker winner.

      I think that Martinez beats the version of Golovkin we saw this weekend. Martinez is much faster and more skilled than Stevens. He also hits harder as well, and is a savvy veteran. His southpaw style would pose problems for Golovkin, I also noticed that Golovkin tends to chase and square himself up against a moving boxer, and his punches lacked power while doing so.

      I would highly favor Ward, should Golovkin move up, and I think Froch would be too big an strong for him as well.

      In a perfect world we could see Golovkin vs Quillin next, but sadly… such would does not exist.

      • GGG would definitely lose to Ward. I think he beats Martinez because Martinez has aged rather dramatically in the past year. He was a helluva fighter, but no longer. Quillin would be a great match up but I think GGG stops him. He would definitely beat Geale. I don’t know enough about Murray to comment.

      • I think the Martinez fight is def up in the air for sure, Martinez didnt look great against Murray, but I think there were a lot of factors involved. Martinez came back too quickly from his injuries, he also should not have fought outside in a cold rainy climate coming back from an injury. Murray is also much better than Martinez expected, as well Martinez fought a foolish fight, he got caught up in the moment, fighting in front of his hometown for the first time on a massive stage. Against Golovkin he would fight a much safer and more intelligent fight, he would show angles and keep Golovkin moving. Now that doesnt mean Martinez would def win, but depending on how he looks in his next fight, I would favor him to win.

        I also would favor Golovkin over Quillin, I like Quillin’s style and temperament… but he has shown an inability to handle pressure, and would unravel late against Golovkin.

        I would favor Golovkin slightly over Geale, although Geale would be his biggest challenge to date. Geale has a great chin, high work-rate, and underrated power and speed. I think Geale should still be undefeated…. I thought he did enough against Barker and Mundine (first fight) to get the W’s.

        Murray will be a tough fight, he is poised and has a great defense. Golovkin would have to be the favorite… but he hasnt faced anybody who fights like Murray, and I would not be shocked to see him struggle against the underrated English veteran.

  2. Also, I feel badly for Mago. Broken left hand, a blood clot and possibly broken bone in his face. Not good. The guy can punch and is tough as hell. He just couldn’t quite get it done against Perez. When you hear about a clot, though, you kind of wish he would hang it up.

    • It was very sad that Mago was beaten up so badly in there. His corner was awful during the fight, which is disappointing, because John David Jackson is such a good trainer. The fight should have been stopped around the 5th round or so. At no point did they ever ask Mago if he was ok, which he clearly was not. He was complaining about his nose, and his cheek, and the corner ignored it.

      His career may very well be over, he had a piece of his skull removed to allow his brain to reduce swelling, and was put into a medically induced coma. It is a sad thing to happen to any fighter, especially one who has yet to make any real money… Mago only made $40,000 this weekend, and who knows how much of that he will actually see.

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