Golovkin vs Stevens: Official Prediction


Saturday night’s middleweight title fight promises action, alas, it promises very little competition. Golovkin is in with yet another, less than impressive foe. Stevens is a fun fighter to watch, and seems to be a really likable and genuine guy, but he has nearly no hope of getting anything but stopped on Saturday night. He should be commended for his courage and guts to call out the currently most avoided middleweight in the world, but will not be rewarded for it.

The pick is Golovkin by knockout inside of 4 rounds, and I would not be at all surprised to see Stevens finished in the first or second round. Stevens’ only chance is to land a big punch early, but this will be his undoing, he will come in and get caught.

Very little money to be made on this pick, as Golovkin is only paying around 1.3 by KO, I wouldn’t recommend this as a fight to bet on, unless you have a good feeling about Stevens.

What do you think of this weeks pick? Let me know who you think will win in the comments section below, and look out for a post fight analysis.

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