Fireworks Promised in New York


This Saturday night, live from Madison Square Garden, in New York City, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will defend his WBA middleweight title against the hard hitting Curtis “Showtime” Stevens. This fight will headline HBO’s world championship boxing.

Stevens has been viciously calling out Golovkin for the past few months, although, the talking is now over. Stevens believes that he is going to “expose” the “overrated Golovkin”, Golovkin doesn’t seem to have gotten at all involved in the trash talk, leaving that up to his trainer Abel Sanchez. Sanchez has most recently claimed that Golovkin is the third greatest middleweight of all time, only behind “Sugar” Ray Robinson, and Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, which is lofty praise to say the least.

Both men believe that they will win my knockout, Abel Sanchez believes there will be a knockout, this fight will no doubt have excitement. Although, for however exciting this fight promises to be, it doesn’t promise to give us a true idea of where Golovkin is as a middleweight champion. Even a dramatic one punch knockout will prove basically nothing, other than that Golovkin is an exciting fighter.

Who do think will win this weekend? Let me know if the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Fireworks Promised in New York

  1. I will be surprised if Golovkin doesn’t KO Stevens. Golovkin seems like the real deal, very grounded. Quietly confident. What is interesting, though, is that Golovkin (at least for me) seemed to come out of nowhere. HBO does a special series on him as though he is the second coming. Then he KO’s a guy who is supposed to be a tough guy with a body punch in his next fight. I’m not saying he hype, because I don’t think he is, but it just surprises me how he hit the scene and went straight to the top. Maybe I feel this way since he is coming from Europe.

    • Me too, Stevens is so overrated. He is a decent puncher with no other abilities. Golovkin is a really good fighter, although I didnt like how he struggled with Rosado. I wanna see him in with a good MIDDLEWEIGHT. I am tired of seeing him beat undersized guys. HBO got Golovkin at the exact right time, he didnt come as much out of nowhere to me. I had seen him fight a few times, as well as seen lots of clips on youtube. He had an excellent amateur pedigree, and clearly has solid skills, but he has 1 impressive win, the Macklin win. He struggled mightily with Rosado, who isnt even a middleweight, and the Ishida win means nothing. I wanna see him fight Martin Murray next, that would really prove something to me. I would also like to see him face the Sturm vs Barker winner or Daniel Geale. Even Marco Rubio would be a step up for him.
      I am thinking that Golovkin will KO Stevens inside of 4 rounds.

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