Canelo Returns: March 8th


Mexican Superstar, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has announced via his personal twitter account that he will return on March 8th, as well as July 26th, and November 22nd. Stating that; “After my meeting with GBP these are the dates that will fight in 2014: March 8, 26 in July and 22 November …”

He has also given orders to Goldenboy’s Richard Schaeffer, to secure him Miguel Cotto, and Sergio Martinez; both of whom he wants to face next year. Canelo has advised that all three reported bouts will be carried by Showtime PPV. It remains to be seen if they will be able to secure enough high profile opponents to make all three fights happen.

Victor Ortiz will be a likely opponent as he returns on December 14th against Alfonso Gomez, in a junior welterweight bout. Also, the winner of the December 7th bout between Austin “No Doubt” Trout and Erislandy Lara will be a logical opponent should Cotto, or Martinez not be available.


4 thoughts on “Canelo Returns: March 8th

  1. Alvarez is overrated. Put him in with GGG. He really is a middleweight now. I think that would be a heck of a fight and would remove the doubts for one of the fighters. If I were putting money on the fight I would go with GGG.

    • Canelo vs GGG would be an amazing scrap for however long it lasted. Although you have a better chance of finding a snowball in hell than ever seeing that fight get made.

      I would def favor GGG in that fight, although I think Canelo would do better than expected.

      The kid is a solid fighter, who just happens to have hit the demographic jackpot. If he were an American, or a Cuban… nobody would give a shit. Like it or not, you gotta respect the way Mexicans support their guys.

      I hope he fights either Cotto or Martinez, or both, next year. Victor Ortiz is another fight that will likely be made, and would be a good scrap…. whether or not you like Ortiz….(I am not a huge fan, but he is always in good fights)

      • You are definitely right about the demographics. What tees me off is if it weren’t for the insatiable and dedicated Mexican fight fan, PPV would be almost non-existent. I truly believe that. Yes, there would still be some “superfights” that would get PPV revenue but the PPV market is almost solely driven by the willingness of Mexican-Americans to pay to see their fighter.

  2. Very True, they are more than willing to shell out their hard earned money to see their guys. I have a lot of respect for it. The large number of PPVs actually doesnt bother me, I usually see all the big PPV fights at the casino. Although, it is annoying when they put together trash cards, like the Tim Bradley vs JMM card. As a whole though, all the Goldenboy PPV’s recently have been really good top to bottom. Top Rank usually is the one to give you trash under-card fights.

    Canelo appearing in 3 PPV’s next year does sound a bit excessive to me, although, I highly doubt all 3 end up being on PPV.

    Unless he fights Martinez, Cotto, and Ortiz… then no way can all three be PPVs. If he fights Molina, or Rabachenko… then you will be looking at a Showtime Championship Boxing.

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