Experience Prevails; Hopkins Keeps Title


Bernard Hopkins has done it again; Karo Murat looked puzzled and confused as the ageless wonder Bernard Hopkins boxed circles around him. Murat came out strong looking to press the action, and won at least two of the first three rounds based on his high work rate. Hopkins came on in the fourth round using angles and finally starting to let his hands go. This was basically the point where the fight turned and Murat lost all hope of having a good night. Murat’s work rate begin to plummet as the 48 year old Hopkins began to get in to the 30 year old’s head. Hopkins even kissed Murat on the back of the neck during the ninth round. Murat was deducted a point for hitting on the break in the seventh round, as he became increasingly frustrated at the brash and dirty legend. Hopkins was awarded the wide unanimous decision victory and passed Ali, on the list of all time title wins. From here it is up in the air where Hopkins will go, he would obviously love to get a mega fight against Floyd Mayweather, but if that fight proves too difficult to make, then he more than likely face Goldenboy stablemate and WBA light heavyweight champion Beibut Shumenov.

In the co featured bout, Peter Quillin got a stoppage win over Gabe Rosado. The fight was a back and forth affair as was predicted, Quillin started off strong, winning the first few rounds and dropping Rosado in the second. Rosado began to mount a comeback as he hurt Quillin with a number of right hands, and started to force Quillin to box off the back foot and give ground. The fight appeared to be dead even when Quillin drilled Rosado with a hard left jab at the end of the ninth round, opening a horrible cut over the Philadelphia native’s left eyelid. The doctor took a long look in the corner and agreed to let the fight continue, only to eventually end up stopping the fight at the beginning of the tenth round. Neither fighter was a loser after this fight, and there will likely now be a rematch sometime at the beginning of next year.

In the opening bout of the evening, Deontay Wilder continued his winning ways, by drilling and stopped the game Nicolai Firtha. Firtha came out strong and attempted to push the hard punching Wilder back, he landed a nice jab at the opening bell of the fight which pushed Wilder back on his heels. Wilder was able to weather the storm however, and land hard left hooks and right hands, bloodying Firtha’s nose and dropping him twice in the round. Firtha boxed relatively smart in the second and third and managed to survive. Wilder came out very smart in the fourth round, mixing up his attack with uppercuts and left hooks, eventually landing a nuclear right hand to the forehead of Firtha, and that was that. Wilder improves to 30-0 with 30 KOs, and is now looking to make a big splash in 2014.

Across the pond, Kell Brook made a very good account for himself, knocking down and stopping former welterweight champion Vyacheslav Senchenko. Brook will look to land a big fight against one of the welterweight champions in the early part of 2014.

What did you think of the fights? Where would you like to see the winners and losers go from here? Let me know in the comments section below, and look out for Gennady Golovkin vs Curtis Stevens next week!

4 thoughts on “Experience Prevails; Hopkins Keeps Title

  1. It’s time Wilder fight someone. Quillin looked vulnerable. Hopkins did his usual BS. The most disappointing aspect of the Hopkins’ fights is that the whole establishment is behind the charade. Who cares how old the guy is? The ref takes a point from Murat when he hit (more like tapped) on a break? Give me a break. Hopkins has committed so many flagrant violations over the years and they rarely even warn him. This is the problem with boxing, the refs and sanctioning bodies all conspire to keep the money machine rolling and Bernard is still able to, apparently, garner enough attention still. Hard to believe….

    • I was not impressed at all with Quillin. I did think he was ahead in the fight… although just by a point or so. Wilder looked pretty good, and it is looking as if you will get your wish. He is being pushed towards a fight with Bermane Stiverne for the vacant WBC title should Vitali retie. Which is a very big step up and a dangerous fight. I was disappointed with Smoger’s performance last night. He is a really good ref and a great guy (met him last year), but he did an awful job. BHop has always gotten away with too much stuff, although in this fight, the outcome would not have been any different had he been forced to fight cleaner. Murat gave a good account of himself though, and the fight was pretty entertaining. overall it was a solid night of fights.

      Are you looking forward to the Golovkin fight this weekend? Should be entertaining for about 3 rounds!

      There is a packed schedule for the next 2 months… so dont let one BHop fight discourage you. The two Showtime fights in December will be two of the best boxing cards this whole year… if not the two best outright.

  2. Sadly most of the options you put for Bhop to fight aren’t realistic at all. Shumenov is the only guy you listed he actually could fight next.

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