Hopkins vs Murat: Official Predictions


This weekend is stacked with quality fights, from both sides of the pond. In Sheffield, England; welterweight contender Kell Brook will face former welterweight titlist Vyacheslav Senchenko in an IBF title eliminator. Atlantic City, New Jersey will host a triple header as Bernard Hopkins defends his IBF title against German standout Karo Murat, Peter Quillin defends his WBO middleweight title against the brash Gabriel Rosado, and heavyweight knockout artist Deontay WIlder takes on the unheralded Nicolai Firtha.

Look for Kell Brook to be too much for the tough but limited Vyacheslav Senchenko. Senchenko is coming off the most impressive performance of his career, when he stopped former undisputed junior welterweight champion Ricky Hatton. Brook is coming off a string of uninspiring performances and one too many fight postponements for this writers taste; but that withstanding, I expect him to get a decision victory.

Deontay Wilder is in action, which is good for his career. He is an exciting, hard puncher heavyweight contender who needs all the rounds he can get. He is not in tough this weekend, and don’t expect anything but a KO. Look for Firtha to be out inside of 4 rounds.

Quillin vs Rosado will certainly be the fight of the weekend. Quillin is a fast, hard punching middleweight with something to prove, and Rosado is a solid fighter who is running out of big chances. The fight should be much closer than the odds indicate, although with that being said, I expect Quillin to get a stoppage win. The fight will more than likely go back in forth, but Rosado does not have the athletic ability of Quillin and is fighting a weight class higher than would best suit him.

Bernard Hopkins, what else needs to be said? 48 years old and still the favorite, it is almost unbelievable. The story-line will be as it always is…”will this be the night that the 48 year old finally looks his age?” It will not, Murat is a limited fighter, who will find himself in with an entirely different breed of animal than he has ever encountered. Hopkins will win a wide unanimous decision victory in what will likely be a rather dull fight.

What do you think of my predictions? What do you think will happen tomorrow night? Let me know if the comments section below. Also, look out for post fight analysis.

2 thoughts on “Hopkins vs Murat: Official Predictions

  1. Hopkins, dull fight, I don’t know much about the other fighters but I know you nailed this prediction. Hopkins has been a con man his whole life. Boxing is just his most lucrative con. He is always pulling crap in the ring, hitting opponents below the belt or on the upper thigh on the opposite side of where the ref is, hitting behind the head and then when people retaliate he acts like he is severely injured. I don’t care how long this guy has been fighting, I never enjoyed his fights and never will. He is a con man.

    • I cannot argue with your feelings about Hopkins, I have never been a fan of his. Although, I do have a lot of respect for him, he does get away with WAY too many dirty moves.. but he is so sneaky about it. He is certainly an all time great.. just not a very likable or exciting fighter. I met him and his trainer Nazim… and one thing is for sure.. those guys know boxing. They have forgotten more than most fighters will ever know. I hope you enjoyed the fights though. I made a little bit of money this weekend. Not much though, as the odds were very lopsided on all three fights

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