Robbery In Carson, Dominance In Montreal


Tonight, live on HBO, boxing fans were able to witness yet another mockery to the sport, once again promoted by Top Rank. In a fight that had no business being on HBO in the first place, Chavez jr once again proved how incredibly undeserving he is of the spotlight he is given. Originally accepting the fight at 163, and somehow only being able to make 173lbs,

Tonight HBO announcers Jim Lampley and Andre Ward did an absolutely horrible job of announcing the fight, catering to Chavez the entire time, in a pathetic attempt to try and make what was not at all a close fight, seem just that. The bad scorecards were not a surprise, at no point should anybody have possibly believed that Bob Arum would ever allow his prized sideshow act to take a loss.

Chavez threw less than half as many punches as Vera and was out landed 176 to 125. Vera beat up and outworked the bigger man for the entire fight. Chavez had 2-3 good rounds sprinkled in a fight which saw him run from a man he outweighed by at least 25 lbs. The best fighting Chavez did was against referee Lou Moret; who Chavez complained to all night about punches to his flabby stomach, which he thought were low.

In the end, it was scored a unanimous decision for Chavez jr, and incredulously judge Gwen Adair scored the bout 98-92 for Chavez jr. It was a bullshit fight, with bullshit judging, on a bullshit network; and once again boxing fans are robbed of what promised to be a great night of fights.


On what served as the under card to the dismally bad card in Carson, California; Adonis “Superman” Stevenson out worked and badly beat down former IBF light heavyweight champion Tavoris “Thunder” Cloud. Stevenson controlled the action from the opening bell. In round 1 Stevenson landed a a beautiful left hand on the left eye of Cloud, which sent him back into the ropes and badly damaged his eye. Cloud once again looked slow and confused, as Stevenson danced around the ring, showing him angles and stinging him with hard straight punches. Stevenson badly cut Cloud over both eyes and after the end of the 7th round, Cloud’s corner graciously stopped the fight.

Stevenson has looked superb since moving up to the light heavyweight division, and seems now to be on a collision course with the hard punching WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev. Although Stevenson will first have to face mandatory challenger Tony Bellew, in a fight which is being targeted for the end of this year.

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