David Haye Cut; Tyson Fury Fight Postponed




David Haye was cut in a sparring session and needed six stitches over his left eye. His September 28th showdown with against Tyson Fury has now been called off, leaving both me extremely disappointed. Fury was in like to make over 7.5 million for the fight.


Tyson Fury questions whether Haye really wanted to take the fight in the first place, stating that; “The cut is genuine. Correct you cant box with the cut. Correct it has to be canceled. That’s why he’s cut so he can pull out. Shit house. He had a shit camp and used this lame excuse to pull out. With Klitschko he pulled out, with Charr he pulled out. Shit house tactics. You can’t con the public. Adam Booth said ‘hold still while I cut you.’ Brave men? Delay or pussy job he can never beat me. I know what you done shit house. Get me a real man to fight.”


David Haye is currently trying to work out a new date with Sky Sports to have broadcast the fight.


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