HBO’s Bias

ImageRecently HBO has decided not to show Guillermo Rigondeaux’s next fight on the basis that he is a ‘boring fighter’. This is a fighter who embarrassed and almost knocked out the ‘second coming of Manny Pacquiao’. This is a fighter who, in 12 pro fights, has established himself as one of the elite fighters in the sport.

I had money on Rigondeaux because I saw it coming; HBO clearly did not. Neither did Bob Arum. This is why they are doing exactly what they did to Tim Bradley for beating Pacquiao; they are punishing the winner for making them look stupid. HBO did nothing but shove Donaire down the fan’s throats for years as he fought no-hopers like Arce, Nishioka and Navarez. Now, you would think that Rigondeaux putting on such a spectacular performance against a guy that they thought was THE guy at 122 would impress them. Apparently, it didn’t. It just made them feel dumb which is precisely what they are. This is why, with a larger budget and twice the subscribers they cannot find a way to outperform Showtime.

I am sick and tired of being a boxing fan and watching this garbage continue to ruin the sport. Bob Arum, Jim Lampley, and Larry Merchant’s bloated egos and unwavering ignorance have almost become too much to bear.

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20 thoughts on “HBO’s Bias

  1. Maybe it is time for boxing to find a more legitimate venue? Seeing an underdog win is one of the most exciting events in sport, I don’t see why HBO wouldn’t want to broadcast interesting boxing?

    • I never said in the article that I thought that Bradley won the fight. There is no denying the fact that he did indeed win the fight though, the record book shows that. Now my personal opinion is that he did win the fight. I will tell you why,
      He outworked Pacquiao in the majority of the rounds. If you score the fight round by round it is a VERY close fight. If you view the fight as a general feel but don’t take note of particular rounds, then it begins to look like a Pacquiao fight. The rounds that Pacquiao won I thought he did so by wide margins…. but with that being said.. they are still only 10-9 rounds. I thought Tim Bradley did enough in the majority of the rounds to win a close decision. I had it 115:113 for Bradley. This is how the judges saw the fight. The problem with that fight was that it was very badly commentated on by HBO. (Not a surprise) They were so biased during the fight that it made it impossible to look at the fight fairly. Another thing that throws people off was when Bradley twisted his ankle… on TV it looked as if he was hit by a punch and hurt… but he actually just rolled his ankle and was never hurt by a punch in that sequence. There is a really good video on YOUTUBE where a guys shows a lot of moments in slow mo and then plays the commentating as well. I will find it and post a link on here.
      Either way though, agree or disagree… thanks for you comment. Also keep an eye ought, I will be writing about the fights this weekend!

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